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Zac and Cam

Kind of Pairing:



friendship repaired


before the show


Decision Time
Cam is Zac's Best Friend. They are both in the same Grade in school. He knows Zac's secret. He really Trust him.(Zac/Cam)


Zac and Cam have been best mates from the time they were young children. At first Cam is very supportive of his friend and helps him keep his secret hidden from Evie. Until Zac's Pool Party when Cam get tired of covering for him and shoves him into his pool, Zac's secret exposed to the three undercover mermaids. Later, they make up and Cam starts helping Zac to get the trident. Later, Cam grows even more jealous of his friends powers and is outraged when Zac puts the trident back into its chamber. Finally, He schemes to become a merman, but is unsuccessful and in the end is on his own.

Hate friendshipEdit


In trust they get into a fight, because Cam wants the trident for himself.

Decision TimeEdit

Zac and Cam aren't friends anymore because Zac betrayes him because he only wanted the trident.

Other Ship NamesEdit

  • Cac (Cam/Zac)


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