Where's the On Button
Season 1, Episode 19
Air date September 15
Written by Justine Gillmer
Directed by Grant Brown
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The Trident Job
Nowhere To Hide

Where's the On Button in the 19th episode of series Mako Mermaids.


After finally acquiring the powerful trident, Zac doesn't know how to activate it. Zac goes to Rita's grotto and the mermaids accidentally help charge it.


The girls are not sure if Zac got the trident or not, so they go to the Trident Cave to look if he got it. Lyla goes into the Trident Pool and sees that he got it. Meanwhile Zac and Cam try to find out how the Trident works by spilling the water on it, and the Trident doesn't start to work. Then the girls come to his house and try to get the information on where's the trident.

While David and Evie are working on school magazine and they decide to interview Rita. The girls go to Zac's place while he's in school to find the trident. When they come to his pool Sirena's ring sparkles but they don't see it that's the sign that the Trident is near. Then they go to Rita's house and they see Evie, David and Zac at her place interviewing Rita. Zac tries to find something suspicious at Rita's house. Then he sees Poseidon coming out of the bookshelf and finds Rita's grotto.

Zac later goes back into grotto from the sea. Then the girls come in and tell him that he needs to give them the trident. Zac points the trident at the girls and Sirena's moon rings activate the trident.

In the end Zac finds out how to control the Trident.


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  • The girls aren't sure that Zac got the Trident.
  • Only Lyla goes into the Trident Pool.
  • Cam and Zac try to find out how does the Trident work.
  • Evie sees Lyla holding Zac's hand.
  • Zac hides the trident in his pool
  • Zac finds out about Rita's grotto.


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Quotes Edit

Sirena:Maybe Zac didn't get the trident

Sirena:There's only one way to find out.(looking at moon ring)

Nixie:(to Cam) Stay out of this land boy

Sirena:Zac please, I know you don't believe us but we're on your side.

Rob Blakely:Zac! Shouldn't all of you get ready for school?

Zac:I was only trying to protect you.