The Trident Job
Season 1, Episode 18
Air date September 15
Written by Michael Joshua
Directed by Grant Brown
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The Trident Job is the 18th episode of the series Mako Mermaids


Zac and Cam plan to attend a Halloween Party and take the trident during the night of the Full Moon. Lyla, Nixie, and Sirena keep a close watch on him by working the party, but this backfires when Zac disappears.


Zac and Cam go to Mako Island again because Zac is trying to take the trident. Meanwhile the girls try to find a way to stop Zac from getting hurt by Trident. Ocean Cafe is getting ready for a wild Halloween party. Zac is planning to be at the Cafe's party and at Mako too. The girls aren't taking eyes off of him.

Everyone are going to the party. Zac is dressed as a devil and Cam is dressed as a Human Skeleton. At the party girls are following Zac and looking him on every step. Later, Cam leaves and Zac stays at the party a little bit more. Then Zac also disappears in the moment using Invisibility. The girls run very fast to catch him. At the woods he runs and goes to the other direction only to get mermaids into his trap which is to turn them into mermaids. Sirena is the only who falls into the trap. Lyla and Nixie go after Zac. Then Nixie trips him and sees that the boy their were following was Cam, dressed in Zac's costume. At the Trident pool, Zac opens it and jumps in and takes the Trident. Then he hides it and comes at the party acting like nothing happened.

In the end, it is shown that Cam has got the Trident and hides it for Zac.


Guest CastEdit

  • Matthew Gardener as Bass Player
  • Alastair Wuth as Keyboards
  • Alastair Page as Drummer

Songs FeaturedEdit


  • Zac and Cam, go to Mako Island.
  • Evie is a witch at the halloween party.
  • The girls don't know what is Halloween.
  • Lyla and Nixie are helping to serve at the Halloween party while Sirena is singing with David only because they can watch Zac.
  • Carly is a pumpkin at the party. 
  • Zac is a devil and Cam is a human skeleton at the party.


Objects AppearingEdit


Lyla:Hey is harder than ot looks.

Carly:Are you guys getting ready for a marathon or something?

Zac:Don't worry is all taking care off
Cam:Except being on two places at once.

Lyla:What ever are you planing is not going to work.

Sirena:I can't see Zac.
Nixie:He will be here soon.

Lyla:(to Zac)Let me know if you need something i will be keeping to look after you.

Zac:Mind if i go to the bathroom.

Lyla:(to Nixie) I thought we were worring about the trident killing Zac not you.

Lyla:He's up to something.