Nowhere to Hide
Season 1, Episode 20
Air date September 15
Written by Sam Caroll
Directed by Grant Brown
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Nowhere To Hide is the 20th episode of Mako Mermaids.


Zac must find a place to hide the trident from the mermaids.


Zac is still trying to find out more about the trident, but the girls still try to find a way to get it away from him. But Zac is taking a good care of the trident, he's also getting it whit him everywhere he goes. That's why he puts it in his locker room in school. So the girls come to school to find the trident.

Meanwhile Rita talks to Zac about the trident. They stop infront of Zac's locker and at the time Rita starts to feel weak. Maybe because the trident was next to her and she was wearing the moon ring and they probably made a connection.


Then the girls go find the trident. When they come to his locker they open it and it's empty. Zac takes it and goes to Joe's warehouse to hide. There he also practices he's skills with the trident. Then Cam comes to the Joe's warehouse, but the girls followed him and saw that Zac is in there with the Trident. They fight for it but then Joe comes back and they all hide.


Then at Grotto, Rita tells the girls who designed the trident and what it can do. She tells them that is was designed by a merman who wanted to rule mako thousands of years ago.

The episode ends with Zac telling Cam that he's gonna find out more about the trident.


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  • Zac is still trying to find a way to master the trident.
  • Zac hides trident in his locker room.
  • Rita tells the girls about the trident.
  • Trident was designed by merman who tried to rule Mako Island thousand years ago.


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Zac:I know mom. I will clean it up.

Mrs. Blakely:I have to clean the room anyway. I will clean it later.

Evie:Hey what are you two up to?
Cam and Zac:Nothing.

Lyla:Can you see him?
Sirena:Not yet. He's got a be here somewhere.

Rita:Oh, thank you. What are you girls doing here?
Lyla:We think that Zac might got the trident with him to school.
Sirena:It's possible. Anything to stop us getting it.
Rita: I wonder if that's what's effecting me.

Lyla:Hey Evie. How are you.
Evie:What do you want?

Lyla:(about the trident) So it's more than just the wepon.