Evie Times Two
Season 1, Episode 22
Air date September 15
Written by Max Dann
Directed by Grant Brown
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Evie Times Two is the 22nd episode of the series Mako Mermaids


Rita's cat Poseidon becomes human after walking through a bunch of chemicals: he turns into a duplicate of Evie after making a connection with her. Lyla helps Zac keep Evie and Poseidon apart. Meanwhile, Nixie and Sirena find a cure.



The episode starts with the girls at Rita's Grotto looking all the cool stuff she has in her grotto. Then Nixie finds a potion that Rita bans for them touching it. Then she goes and the girls are even more interest in that potion so Nixie takes it.

At the ocean cafe Evie thinks that there's something wrong with miss Santos because she orders a lot of sea food every week. When David goes to deliver it Evie comes too, so she can see if there's something wrong.

Meanwhile at the grotto girls keep watching all the potions Rita has and chemicals. They are watching it next to Poseidon. Then David and Evie arrive and they leave Poseidon alone with the chemicals.


At Rita's kitchen Evie sticks her nose everywhere to see if there's something weird in Rita's cupboards. Meanwhile at grotto Poseidon steps on a bunch of chemicals and he gets sparkly. Then Evie asks for the bathroom but instead she searches around the house. Evie meets Poseidon in Rita's library, he looks into Evie's eyes and his eyes turn into Evie's. And when Evie leaves the room, Poseidon turns into her. 


Then Poseidon as Evie goes with David to the Cafe. Sirena discoveres the mess in the grotto.


Meanwhile Carly and Poseidon go to the beach. There Poseidon as Evie embarrasses it self. When Lyla and Sirena come to the beach they see that Poseidon actually turned into a person. Then Lyla helps Zac keep Poseidon and Evie apart. When Sirena and Nixie arrive they go to Ocean's Cold room and they turn Poseidon back to his cat form. Then they take it to Rita's house.

The episode ends with the girls at grotto giving Poseidon food.



  • Rita's cat Poseidon gets turned into a human, a duplicate of Evie.
  • Rita orders a lot of sea food every week.
  • Zac isn't shown in the episode for first 15mins.
  • Evie is suspicious about the girls.
  • In this episode Zac is consider as the minor character.



Nixie: Wow Rita so much cool stuff...Suhh cat
Sirena: He has a name, it's a Poseidon
Nixie:So check this out
Lyla:What's that?

Evie:There's something differently wrong in that house
David:There's nothing wrong they just like sea food.

Nixie:Why are you sticking nose everywhere?
Evie:Sorry i didn't mean to brie.

Evie as Poseidon:Going where?
David:Back to the shop.

Sirena:Are you down there Poseidon, you can come out now.


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