Putting the Trident back was my choice!
Zac to Cam
Season 1, Episode 25
Air date September 15
Written by Mark Shirrefs
Directed by Grant Brown
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Betrayed is the 25th episode of Mako Mermaids.


Nixie agrees to help Cam unlock the Trident, but Evie wants to come along. Evie learns about Zac, the Trident, and the girls.


Pretending to be interested in safe-guarding the trident from Zac, Cam offers to help Nixie move it to a secure location. Cam borrows diving gear from Evie but, intent on discovering the cause of Zac's strange behavior, she insists on going to Mako Island with him.

On Mako, Nixie refuses to work with Evie but relents and opens the cave in front of her using one of Rita's Moon Rings. Inside the cave, Cam opens the portal and he and Evie enter the water chamber. Cam retrieves the trident but with Nixie's ring losing power, she cannot hold the doorway open and Evie does not make it out in time. With Evie's air running out, Nixie rushes off to get another ring but encounters Zac, Lyla and Sirena who have arrived on Mako Island after discovering what Cam and Nixie are up. Sirena is able to use her Moon Ring to reopen the portal allowing Zac to rescue Evie.

As Zac and the girls are confessing everything to Evie, Cam speeds away from Mako Island with the trident.



  • Evie finds out about the mermaids and Trident pool in this episode
  • Zac has a bad dream at the start of the episode.
  • Zac almost tells Evie about him being a merman(later she finds out)
  • Cam and Evie go into the Trident Pool
  • Sirena sings at the Cafe.


Objects AppearedEdit


Zac:Putting the Trident back was my choice.

Zac:Wanna Drink?

Evie:Talk to me whatever it is you can trust me.(to Zac)

Lyla...He's a land boy he cant't join our Pod

Cam:(to Evie)Ok I'will take good care of your stuff


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